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Koh Bon (2 dives) - Wednesdays and Sundays

is located about 20 kilometers north of Similan Island 9. The island has no beaches and is in the shape of a horse shoe – forming a protected cove that shelters dive boats and divers from prevailing winds and currents. The main dive site is on the southwestern point and consists of a 33 meter wall facing the small cove, and a step-down ridge that carries on to depths of over 45 meters. Blacktip reef shark are common on the sandy flats below the wall (particularly on the eastern side).

Although the soft corals are not as high-profile as they are in the Similans, the colors of the corals are radically different and include shades of turquoise, yellow and blue, besides the more common pinks and purples. Koh Bon Ridge is one of the best places to see manta rays, almost all year around.

This last year featured Mantas almost every day from mid-December until April. Frequent, but not daily sightings for the rest of the season! In addition to the large marine life, be prepared for the little stuff too! Great Nudibranchs litter the cracks of the wall and exciting treats like Pipefish, Hawkfish and even Frogfish are here.

Diving depths ranges from 1 - 35 meters and visibility runs about 20 meters but plankton blooms and cold water upcurrents are not uncommon. Usually we virtually have no current inside the bay but can then have a ripping current on the outside.

Koh Bon (2 dives) ฿ 5,900

Included in the price:
Full set of equipment, Pick-up from your hotel in Khao Lak, marine park fee, lunch, snacks, water, coffee, tea, fresh fruit, tanks, weights, weight belt and guide.


 Equipment discount   BCD -200 THB, Regulator -200 THB, Wetsuit -100 THB.
 3 day package   -10%
 5 day package   -15%



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