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Richelieu Rock (2 dives) - Tue, Thu & Saturday

One of the most famous dive sites of Thailand, the dive site is an isolated pinnacle to the east of Surin Islands. The site is marked by the top of the pinnacle which is 1m above sea level during low tide, and disappears underwater during high tide.
The pinnacle falls steeply to the surrounding  sand bottom at a maximum depth of 35m. Groups of rocks and numerous small caves that are home to various marine life. The rock is covered with colorful soft corals and sea anemones.  

Due to the diversity of small and large creatures, Richelieu Rock is a paradise for underwater photographers. Ghost pipefish, Frogfish, Harlequin shrimps, Seahorses, Jans's Pipefish and Tiger Cowrie are some of the smaller marine life that can be spotted here. Sometimes you can encounter Cuttlefish mating.  Different types of moray eels such as Giant  Moray, Zebra Moray, Fimberated Moray and White Eyed Moray are common. Pelagic fish swarming around the small outcrops include Great Barracuda, Pickandle Barracuda, Trevelly, Fusiliers and snappers.

There is two giant Brown marbled Groupers hiding in the cave inside the bay. They usually coming out closer to sunset when they starts hunting smaller fish. Lastly this site is famous in Thailand for being a hotspot for encounters with both Whale Sharks and Manta Rays.

Richelieu Rock (2 dives) ฿ 6,200

Included in the price:
Full set of equipment, Pick-up from your hotel in Khao Lak, marine park fee, lunch, snacks, water, coffee, tea, fresh fruit, tanks, weights, weight belt and guide. Discounts:

 Equipment discount   BCD -200 THB, Regulator -200 THB, Wetsuit -100 THB.
 3 day package   -10%
 5 day package   -15%



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